Millions with food allergies to benefit as Natasha’s Law comes into force

Natasha’s Law will be a huge help to those with severe food allergies.

Natasha’s Law came into force on 1 October, meaning a huge change in the hospitality industry and a big step forward for severe allergy sufferers.

It is now required for all food businesses to provide full ingredients labelling, with allergenic ingredients emphasised, on food that has been pre-packed for direct sale (PPDS).  

The law is being introduced following the tragic death of teenager Natasha Ednan-Laperouse in July 2016, who suffered a fatal anaphylactic reaction after eating a pre-packaged baguette which contained undeclared sesame as an ingredient.  

The Food Standards Association (FSA) Chief Executive Emily Miles said: “This is a huge step in helping improve the quality of life for around 2 million people living with food allergies in this country. 

“If these changes drive down the number of hospital admissions caused by food allergies, which has increased threefold over the past 20 years, and prevent further tragic deaths such as Natasha’s, that can only be a positive thing. 

"I understand how difficult the past 18 months have been for food businesses, and I am grateful for the effort that so many have made to prepare for the changes.” 

Kate Nicholls, CEO of UK Hospitality added that “transparency around allergens is key” and will continue to ensure the new legislation is clear for food businesses.

“Transparency is a key issue for our customers and the out-of-home sector continues to support the Government’s agenda on improving food safety and clarity of information available.

“We continue to work in partnership with the FSA to ensure this new legislation is clear for food businesses, customers and enforcement bodies, and we support the proposed proportionate and risk-based approach to implementing the new rules.” 

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